quick screen of requested speech-language related area, provides a pass or fail rating and offers advice if further speech-language assessment and other procedures (i.e. hearing eval, etc) are needed; approximately 30-60 minutes; includes parent consultation. A written report can be provided for an additional fee.

Speech & Language Screening services can be provided in early childhood facilities (i.e. day care) and preschool programs. Contact Speech Therapy Solutions Montana for more details and/or to set up one for your site today.

Area-specific Evaluation
assessment of one specific speech or language related area. May last for approximately 1 to 2 hours; includes a written report and consultation meeting

OPM/Articulation Evaluation
assesses integrity of oral peripheral mechanism as it relates to sound production, assesses articulation levels and stimulability levels

Receptive & Expressive Language Evaluation
assesses language areas including vocabulary, listening comprehension, and verbal expression; narrative language and dynamic testing, probes for reading and writing may be included depending on clientÕs age and needs; may be scheduled for 1 to 2 sessions

Social-Cognitive or Pragmatics (Social skills) Evaluation
assess social language functioning using formal and informal measures; may be scheduled for 1 to 2 sessions

assesses fluency abilities identifying presence of a fluency disorder, severity, physical concomittants, and patterns in several speaking contexts

Global/ Comprehensive Speech & Language Assessment
includes oral peripheral mechanism, articulation, language, and
fluency and identifies type/s of communication disorders. This is recommended for clients with no previous speech and language evaluation or for have been recently diagnosed with a disability. Assessment may be scheduled in several sessions depending on client’s age and testing capacity; written report and consultation meeting is included.



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