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Speech Therapy Solutions Montana is a private speech language pathology clinic serving people of all ages in the City of Helena and surrounding communities.

Speech Therapy Solutions Montana is committed to providing quality speech therapy services to its clients and their families. Our goal is to provide programs that are:


We provide comprehensive assessment and treatment for the following disorders or delays:


Is Speech Therapy Solutions Montana right for you?

Do you have concerns about your child'ts speech & language development? Do you feel he/she is delayed? Or not speaking as well as other kids?

Are you worried that your child seems to struggle with remembering things, becomes frequently frustrated trying to share his/her ideas? Is he/she struggling making friends and is often getting into "behavioral" problems at school?

Have you or someone you love recently acquired some form of disability that has impacted his/her ability to communicate?

Do you have a question or would like more information regarding a specific communication-related problem, service or even topic?

We at Speech Therapy Solutions Montana strive to respond to your needs and direct you to specific resources that can help you with your questions or concerns. Call or email us today and we will gladly assist you in any way we can. You may also check out our educational information page which provides informational materials and links to a variety of speech & language related topics.


If you are interested in setting up an appointment, call today at
(406) 438-3434 or email us at info@speechtherapymontana.com

“Simply put, Daylinda is one of the best speech therapists I have worked with in my 22 years as a school psychologist! Her expertise in all areas of speech therapy, particularly social skills, leads to significant progress in those she works with. Besides her professional skills, Daylinda has a kindness and sincerity that is genuine and you feel at ease soon after meeting her. I would recommend Daylinda’s services without hesitation.”

Diana Jonathans

School Psychologist
Evergreen School District

"As the Director of Education at Shodair, I have worked with and seen Daylinda work with children and adults for the past two years. I have seen her charm children resistant to speech therapy services because it is difficult for them or because it isn't cool to be a teenager and go to speech therapy. Each session these children see benefit so coming back again for therapy is easier. Daylinda is creative and encouraging so they want to come do the work with her. They look forward to their time with her because her warmth and exuberance lure them into work. She figures out a "hook" and makes the session useful to them. She also initiated a push-in program for language development with our youngest students, which they look forward to because of the fun they have with her. "

Pep Jewell

Former Director of Education
Shodair Children's Hospital
Retired Administrator Helena Public School District

"Daylinda is a highly intelligent speech pathologist. As a professor I have requested her knowledge be presented to my college students as she is recognized as a leader in her profession. She has excellent professionalism and as a practicing psychologist she has impressed me repeatedly with her ability to engage her patients (young and old), motivate them, and truly tap into their true potential. It goes without saying that Daylinda is always my first choice when I make a referral for speech and language services!!"

Bowman Smelko

Licensed Psychologist
Capital City Consultants

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